:: :: ::: Saturday, December 26, 2009

Hi all.
Class outing details as follows.

Location: Harbourfront mrt
Time: 11.30am
Date: 2nd JANUARY 2010

Doing what: Lunch at Thai Express (Gooi's treat :P) and after that OTOT

So far:
Gooi, Poser, Yi Xiong, Pin Yu, Christina, Xin Ying, Sing Hwa (yes, rare blood!!)...., andy, damien

For guys: email matthewgooi@yahoo.com to confirm your attendance, or leave a tag!
For girls: leave a tag or sms christina.

PS: merry Christmas and happy new year!

- posted on behalf of gooi

 :: :: ::: Thursday, August 06, 2009

on behalf of gooi

Class outing on 10th august 2009. Monday.public holiday.
Meeting at 1.30pm at Clark Quay MRT.
Lunch (venue to be decided)
Board games at Pitstop
Attendance is compulsory!
Please contact me at 0127138880. If u wanna save money, call wei li or chris or Sharon for more details ;P
Facebook contains the details as well.

Khai shin!!

 :: :: ::: Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Hey 06S6e SaEints!

Professor (-.#) is back! Please kindly accept my sincere apology for not making myself present the previous meet-up! 'Sorry!' I was busy with Bike Hike 2009 - Project Speedway Velocity Redesigned!

The official release date for Transformer is the 24th June 2009! Thus, I thinking that we can meet up the following day for that!

'24th June 2009 confirm full house de! Don't bother to squeeze with them! Not forgetting the new report the 48th confirmed swine case in Singapore!' I think june holidays for school might extend le... haha! I think I being random here!

Do confirm your attendance by 22nd June 2009, Monday 2359hours!

This message is brought to you by a many many many many holes member of 06S6e!

 :: :: ::: Thursday, May 28, 2009

Not sure if anyone still checks here but posting on behalf of Gooi.

Class outing on 31 May 2009, Sunday.
Meeting at 130pm at Somerset MRT.
Lunch (venue to be decided)
Watching Terminator Salvation at Cine at 330pm
Dinner OTOT

Confirmed attendance:
Sing Hwa (To know why his name is bolded.. read below)
Ye Qing
Wei Li
Pin Yu
Xin Ying
Zi Chun
Pei di
Jon Sim
Li Sheng


The rest please come!

Done! says (12:13 AM):
*u shud bold sing hwa's name
*hes a rare blood
christina hearts zichun says (12:13 AM):

 :: :: ::: Saturday, January 31, 2009

[Urgent] Class Gathering on 1st May 2009!

Hi all!

I'm back! I must apologise for not turning up for the previous outing. As you know, I'm engaged la! Nevertheless, Jiexun and I propose a class gathering on LABOUR DAY!

I would strongly encourage you guys to turn up though. The last time that most turn up was the lunch at NEW YORK NEW YORK. Please kindly make yourself free on that day k?


Alex (-.#)

 :: :: ::: Wednesday, December 17, 2008

New Year's Day Gathering!

Hi all!

I'm thinking of having a class gathering on new year day. If you are interested, please leave me a text. For those who have read this message, please help to spread around. Thanks!

Cheers =]

 :: :: ::: Wednesday, August 20, 2008

People who are going for 6 Sept MAF 2008!


The following is the list of names who are going for MAF 2008:

1) Sharon
2) Christina
3) Xinmiao
4) Jedi
5) Pinyu
6) Jiexun
7) Weili
8) Lay Sze
9) Khai Shin
10) Yik Hung
11) Ye Qing
12) Zi Chun

As for the early dinner, the venue is still yet to be confirmed. Ah phui is suggesting that we settle our dinner at Marina Square Seoul Garden. The meeting time is 4.30pm at City Hall Mrt.

For the rest who had not get back to me, please kindly revert back to me at my mobile ASAP!